About the Author: Leah Z. Owens

Curriculum Vitae

In 2004, I came to Newark, NJ through Teach for America. Serving as a teacher in this urban public school district shaped my political consciousness in a way that centers antiracism, justice, and equity, and rejects the privatization of public education. My journey includes co-founding the Newark Education Workers Caucus (NEW Caucus), a social justice caucus within the Newark Teachers Union; organizing childcare center workers into a union; and serving as a member of the Newark Board of Education.

Additionally, I am a doctoral student in the Urban Systems program at Rutgers-Newark. My research interests include critical democratic education, culturally relevant field experiences for preservice teachers, cultivating social justice dispositions in teacher leaders, and qualitative inquiry.

I currently serve as the Coordinator of Candidate Assessment, Clinical Partnerships, and Inservice Teacher Education at Drew University. I reside in the South Ward of Newark and am an active citizen in several community and political organizations, including the Newark Branch of the NAACP where I serve as chair of the education committee and NEW Caucus as we struggle for culturally relevant curriculum and clean water.

Reach me at BlackWomanTeacher@gmail.com.