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Category: poem

From the Run Radio

Just to get by

Just to get by

Just to get by

Just to get by

Do you really feel brand new?

Radio stations taking requests

Got me head nodding

Not wanting to get out my truck

Then it hits me,

What the fuck?

I usually drive in silence

Not wanting to hear the ear violence

Now you want to get conscious

In the aftermath of yet another tragedy

But only as long as it takes for me to shower and get dressed

Come back down and it’s the same nonsense

I know I can

I know I can

Be what I want to be

Be what I want to be

How hard are we working?

And I’m not talking about twerking

These incidents are no coincidence

It’s not happenstance but a clear plan

To create disaster and shock

Keep you shackled to the block

Forces unseen, yet to follow the laws of motion written by justice

It’s movement time.

Be. Be. Be.

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conceptualization of a vacuum

let me tell you about a vacuum; its purpose is to suck the very life out of everything it comes across; an abyss, where fear breeds, giving birth to hatred and intolerance; actions carried out here have no existential dimension; worst yet, it lives in the chests of woman and man, taking up space for light, life, love

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Our deepest conversations
occur in the twilight,
when the world is still and
nothing matters but you and me.

Stripped of everything,
melted in each other’s arms,
fear fades away.

I love being intimate with you.


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Beautiful Black girl
Who caused your self-hate?
Not being able to relate
to no one but the same?

Too busy teaching
Couldn’t imagine your hurt,
lack of self-worth

Leading by example
must be conscious
must be deliberate
Shouldn’t be left up to chance,
a lottery we can’t afford to enter.

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Out of Body

Who’s that girl?
Who’s that girl?
Who’s that girl?
Out of body.

I don’t remember
what I did last night,
what I said at the mic.

you hugged
you kissed
you smiled
you stared
you applauded…
someone who really wasn’t there.

Whose eyes are these
glaring back at me?
Don’t know if I’ll ever
see what you see.

I want to though.

How dynamic would that be?
If I could
See my whole self?
Embrace my whole self?
Love my whole self?
BE my whole self?

Damn! Yeah, that would be phenomenal–
phenomenally me…

But first, I’d have to go
out of body.

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