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How many does it take

to start a revolution?

a mutiny?

a rebellion?

an uprising?

…a recount???


Don’t sign my name on the dotted line

or cut no check for me!

Pressed a thousand times over,

yet the type is set

the pages numbered

the booklets folded

and the sunshine yellow cover stamped: 2012-2015.


How many does it take?

just 1

each and every 1 of us

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No Apologies

I don’t apologize.

Why should I?

For requesting

…a smaller class size?

…a positive quality of life?

…living with no strife?


I don’t apologize.

Why should I?

For standing on principle?

For thinking beyond self?

For struggling against those with wealth?


I don’t apologize.

Why should I?

For wanting to make a change?

For knowing my union history?

For being able to think critically?


I’ll never apologize.

Still think I’m a lie?